These are the fields I'm passionated about...

So here's the thing... I'm here to capture your love story. No buts, no excuses, no preferences. Exactly the way YOU have dreamt it, however YOU want to do it and wherever this love will take us. So let's talk about dreams and hopes. Let's create something intimate, real and beautiful. Because your love story is already worth remembering so let's document it together!

Let's talk about what sets my heart on fire and why...


I love connecting and spending time with my couples, getting to know their story and documenting their love for each other. Couple sessions are laid back, relaxed and so much fun! This is where you bring out your personality – all the silliness, cuddles, jokes, etc- and experience a place and a moment together. Whether you want engagements, anniversary, maternity photos or a session with no excuse other than your love, I’m your girl!!


There’s something so intimate, romantic and pure about this kind of celebration.
It all comes down to you and your partner, being as vulnerable and as present as you can and celebrating your love with your closest and dearest people. No need to impress anybody, go big, follow standards or spend crazy money.
Just two souls promising each other eternal love at the top of a mountain, in a foreign country, at an airbnb lost in the woods, or wherever your adventurous heart takes you.
I’d be honored to follow and help you in ANYWAY I can to plan your best adventure yet.


Even though I think that every single type of Wedding is full with love and unforgettable moments, I tend to prefer to photograph small Weddings. Where couples remain present. Weddings where connection and intimacy stay strong through the day.
Whether your day is elegant and loaded with details, or you are going low key in a simple, minimalistic kind of way. I’m all about capturing the essence of your love and the people around you who love you dearly.